Additions and Porches

If you own your home, you know that it is always a work in progress. There’s always something that you want to change, enlarge, or upgrade. After all, dreaming up these types of projects is part of what makes home ownership so rewarding. If you love where you live, but need to make some changes, it’s time to consider an addition.  The right architect-designed addition can add both space and value to your home, and N&C Construction can help. N&C Construction has architects that he works with to help make your dreams a reality. Here are some things to consider when planning your addition:


Figure out how much value an addition will add to your home.
Don’t assume that the return on your investment will be 100% (that is, that if you spend $50,000 on an addition, that your home’s value instantly increases by that much). In some cases, the addition of extra rooms may only return about 2/3 of your investment.

Figure out how much your monthly payments will increase.
If you are financing the project with a home equity loan, consider how much your payment increase will affect the funds you have available for savings and retirement.

Consider how long you will live in your home.
If you’re going to be there a long time, as in ten years or more, the decision about whether or not to build an addition will be dependent much more on how much additional enjoyment it will bring you, rather than the financial considerations.

When the time is right, N&C Construction can help you with your construction needs, no matter the size of your addition. Contact us today to learn what N&C Construction can do to make your project a reality!

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